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The Human Biology Program

Preparing future leaders to deliver equitable health care and address challenges in health, medicine, and the biomedical sciences.

Human Biology is an interdepartmental, undergraduate major in the College of Natural Science that serves students interested in careers in medicine, health sciences, and biomedical sciences. Human Biology graduates are leading efforts to provide equitable health care to a diverse society as doctors, nurses, physician assistants, and dentists among other medically focused careers. Some graduates are working to solve population health challenges as public health professionals and community leaders. Others are engaged in biomedical research that informs our understanding of health and disease. The Human Biology Program prepares students to take on these and other roles by focusing on four main goals.


decorative image representing interdisciplinary science

Connect core ideas in biology, chemistry, physics, and mathematics/statistics with the broader fields of human biology and human health.


decorative image representing solutions

Apply information literacy, critical thinking, and scientific inquiry to effectively solve problems and explain biological and cultural phenomena.


decorative image for collaboration

Communicate and collaborate with diverse groups in an effective, respectful, and empathetic manner.


decorative image for healht equity

Identify and address health inequities by integrating scientific knowledge and skills with an understanding of relevant social, political, economic, and environmental forces.